Where did you grow up?

On Staten Island. Yes people do live there!



Favorite Place

any body of salt water

How can there be a school without walls?

Originally there was no building, just a headquarters. We taught in spaces all over the city – from living rooms to board rooms. Our high school students learned about the city, and learned how to conduct themselves in a variety of places. Today SWW has a building with walls, but still works to eliminate walls between the school and the community, as well as between subject areas.

Venerable Quote:

“All children need to find themselves in literature.” -JMR Loysen

What makes you write picture books?

Oscar was my catalyst. Since then details from my own life have surfaced as well as those of my former students.  I listen and write.

Memberships: SCBWI, RAWCI, Writers and Books, Rochester NY

2 thoughts on “F.A.Q.’s”

  1. Just noticed your web address included in your last email. I like it. You are all ready for when you get published.

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